Advance Maths Notes by Sandeep Bohay PDF

Advance maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf: In this post we are going to share with you the handwritten notes of renowned author and teacher Sandeep Bohay. These handwritten notes are designed to help aspirants to achieve excellent results in their upcoming competition exam.  

If you are equipped with the right study material and notes, then your chance of succeeding in exams will increase. These handwritten notes will help you to clear your all your doubts and question arise while studying the chapters.  

Advance maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf

The language and concept used in the book are very well written in a simplified and easy to understandable manner. There are plenty of questions with solutions given in the book to clear aspirants doubts and queries.  

It covers all important topics and chapters which are important for upcoming exams. If you are also preparing for SSC, Bank, Railway and other central and regional level exams then it is an essential book to prepare for your exam.  advance maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf

The questions added in the notes are also taken from the previous year’s question paper, which is significant from the exam point of view.  

Maths notes by sandeep bohay download

Explanations given in the book are present in a detailed and comprehensive manner so that students can understand the whole solving process and steps.  

These advanced maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf are highly useful for all types of competitive exams such as the Common Aptitude Test (CAT), MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exam, CSAT, CLAT, Bank Competitive Exams and others.  

If you are also an aspirant of these examinations and looking for ideal book to cover advance math section, then you can add this book in your study material to take ahead your preparation journey.  

Contents of sandeep bohay maths notes pdf 


  • Lines, Angles, Polygons 
  • Triangles & Quadrilaterals 
  • Circles 


  • Trigonometric Ratios 
  • Identities 
  • Important Tricks 
  • Maximum & Minimum Values 
  • Height & Distance 


  • Linear Equations 
  • Coordinate Geometry 
  • X-Coordinate – Abscissa 
  • Y-Coordinate – Ordinate 
  • Polynomials 
  • Types of Polynomials 
  • Zeros (Roots) of a Polynomials 
  • HCF & LCM of Polynomials 
  • Advanced Algebra 


  • 2D Mensuration 
  • Triangles 
  • Quadrilaterals 
  • Circles 

3D Mensuration 

  • Cuboid 
  • Cube 
  • Cylinder 
  • Cone 
  • Sphere-Hemisphere 
  • Right Prism 
  • Right Pyramid 

About maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf 

Book Name maths notes by sandeep bohay
Author Name sandeep bohay
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 123
Language English & Hindi
Publication sandeep bohay

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