Applied mathematics class 11 PDF

Applied mathematics class 11: Mathematics is a very important subject that is used in primary, secondary and higher studies in schools and colleges. Students who opt to make their career with Science stream become crucial for them to thoroughly understand the math syllabus but in case of students who choose commerce and arts field it becomes irrelevant.

That’s why the board has decided to add an elective course in the Mathematics syllabus design for senior secondary classes and aim is to equip the students with relevant experience in Mathematics that will also be useful to aspirants other than the physical science field. 

Applied mathematics class 11

Applied mathematics is the practical application of the mathematical method in different fields such as physics, engineering, medicine, biology, finance, business, computer science and industry.

The ultimate purpose behind introducing this subject is to know the basics of mathematical and statistical tools. applied mathematics class 11

Class 11 applied mathematics book pdf information

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  • Subject– applied mathematics
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Applied mathematics class 11 syllabus

       Chapter 1: Numbers, Quantification and Numerical Applications

  •   Primary numbers
  •   Binary numbers
  •   Logarithms
  •   Mensuration
  •   Complex number
  •   Indices

     Chapter 2: Algebra

  •   Sets
  •   Venn diagram
  •   Law of De Morgan
  •   Arithmetic progression
  •   Geometric progression
  •   The relation between AP and GP
  •   Permutation and combination
  •   Relation and various kinds of relations

       Chapter3: Mathematical and logical reasoning

  •       Logical reasoning, coding, decoding.
  •       Mathematically accepted statement
  •       Connecting words and phrases

       Chapter4: Calculus

  •       Integration
  •       Differentiation
  •       Differential integration
  •       Polynomial function, rational function
  •       Derivatives

     Chapter5: Probability

  •       Random experiment, sample space
  •       Independent and dependent events
  •       Bayes theorem
  •       Probability law

      Chapter6: Descriptive Statistics.

  •       Types of data
  •       Data on various scales
  •       Data interpretation
  •       Correlation
  •       Percentile rank
  •       Quartile rank

     Chapter7: Basics of Financial Mathematics.

  •   Interest
  •   The effective rate of interest
  •   Simple interest and compound interest
  •   Calculating the electricity bill and water bill

       Chapter8: Coordinate Geometry.

  •       Straight lines
  •       Parabola
  •       circles

applied mathematics class 11 pdf
applied mathematics class 11 book

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