Bsc 2nd Year Syllabus

Bsc 2nd year syllabus: Bsc full form is Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate three year degree course conducted by various universities and institutions in India. There are different career options and courses are available after completing such as, BA, Bcom, Bsc etc.  

Bsc is a highly popular course among the students and after completing this degree course one pursues higher studies and also opt for a job or business. One can enroll in the programme after completing 12th standard with PCM/Biology with 50-60% of total marks in the 12th standard. 

There are plenty of universities and colleges that conduct these courses. Students have to understand the admission process of the universities and follow the same to enroll in the course. Some universities used to conduct entrance examinations and others enrolled on the basis of merits. So the selection process depends on universities. 

Here we are going to give you the complete coverage of the bsc 2nd year syllabus of Mathematics, Nursing, Chemistry, Zoology, Agriculture etc. Students can thoroughly see the syllabus of each subject and there is also a pdf available to download complete three year syllabus. bsc 2nd year syllabus

Bsc 2nd year syllabus

Bsc nursing 2nd year syllabus

  1. Sociology
  2. Pharmacology
  3. Pathology
  4. Genetics
  5. Medical Surgical Nursing (Adult including Geriatrics)
  6. Community Health Nursing
  7. Communication & Education Technology
  8. Library Work / Self-study.

BSc Nursing Syllabus 2022

Bsc 2nd year zoology syllabus


Unit- I Hemichordata Cephalochordata
Unit -II: Urochordata
Unit-III: Classification of different classes of vertebrates (Pisces, Amphibia, Reptilia,)
Unit-IV: Classification of different classes of vertebrates (Aves and Mammalian)

Animal distribution, Evolution and Developmental Biology

Unit-I: Animal distribution
Unit-II Origin of Life, Evolution
Unit-III: Developmental Biology I
Unit-IV: Developmental Biology II

Physiology and Biochemistry 

Unit-I: Physiology of digestion, respiration, and blood and circulation
Unit-II: Physiology of excretion and osmoregulation, neural transmission, muscles
Unit-III: Physiology of endocrine system, thermoregulation
Unit-IV: General chemistry and classification of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins; Enzymes


Bsc zoology syllabus 2022

Bsc computer science syllabus 2 Year

1.Operating System 


  • Process Management


  • Storage Management
  • File System


  • CPU


  • Deadlock

2.C++ and Object Oriented Programming
3.Data Structure Using C 


(C++ & Data Structure Using C)

Bsc computer science syllabus

Bsc 2nd year maths syllabus

  • Linear Algebra And Matrices 
  • Differential Equations And Integral Transforms
  • Mechanics 50 Marks
  • Practical / Viva Voce

Bsc Maths Syllabus 2022

Bsc 2 year chemistry syllabus

Inorganic Chemistry

Unit I

1.Chemistry of Elements of First Transition Series
2.Chemistry of Elements of Second and Third Transition Series

Unit II
3.Coordination Compounds 

Unit III

4.Chemistry of Lanthanide elements
5.Chemistry of actinides

Unit IV
6.Oxidation and Reduction

Unit VII
7.Acids and Bases

8.Non-aqueous Solvents 

Organic Chemistry 

Unit I

1. Electromagnetic Spectrum: Absorption Spectra 

Unit II

2. Alcohols Alcohols Alcohols
3. Phenols 

Unit III

4.Ethers and Epoxides
5.Aldehydes and Ketones 

Unit IV
6. Carboxylic Acids

Unit VII
7.Carboxylic Acid Derivatives 

8.Organic Compounds of Nitrogen

Physical Chemistry 

Unit I

  1. Thermodynamics – I
  2. Thermodynamics– II

Unit II:
      3. Chemical Equilibrium
      4. Solutions

Unit III:

5. Electrochemistry– I
Unit IV:

6. Electrochemistry – II
Unit VII.

7. Phase Equilibrium


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