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Bsc agriculture books pdf: Agriculture is the base of human life not only for humans but it’s a pillar for every nation. Agriculture is way to grow and develop a nation, it builds the health and wealth of nations. Agriculture is nothing but the art of cultivating crops and livestock it is the major source of development in India. We completed 73 years of independence on 15th August 2020 in the post-independence spirit agricultural production increased by farmer king did not prosper, especially the farmers of wizard, the incident of suiciding farmers had not stopped yet. 

There was a time in post-independence India, when India had to import red wheat from britishers for themselves, which was for animal consumption compared to the situation India has achieved great success in agriculture production, but still farmers are not getting respect as per their efforts. Lack of facilities for safe storage of agricultural commodities, lack of guaranteed price system, lack of money supply, lack of market word farmers can directly sell to consumers indebtedness and finally the strategy of society can never free the farmers. 

Bsc agriculture books pdf

The price of any commodity is determined by its production cost but farmers still do not get the basic rights farmers had to sell the goods at the decided price by the traders’ brokers traders and grew on the lives of farmers.  

The farmer who was the breadwinner of country remained backward the farmers were not spared from this miserable life even after 70 years of independence, this terrible problem is still alive there can be nothing more painful than this.  bsc agriculture books pdf

Abundant storage system and financing for these farmers should be provided with abundant and safe food owns for storage of agricultural produce and which the loans should be made available at reasonable rates. 

When farmers need it, package should be available to reach the customers directly, the government should provide direct market access farmers to reduce the intermediaries in the agricultural commodity sales special efforts should be made to make farmers visible in animal husbandry dairy business and small and big industries along with agriculture only through such various measures to farmers can become prosperous.  

Now what is due to increasing competition there is a decline in quality of food and health due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers the organic agriculture is being banished now there are lots of complaints about the human health rising human health complaints have led to increase in demand for organic products.

Today it is true that organically produce goods are some costly and therefore have less customer base yet such customers are growing as first priority was given to health from this, we understand that agriculture is the main and important source for our livelihood, farmers are the nourishes of a country can we imagine a world without farmer no if farmers would not be dead how will we get food and how a body will be nourished even how we would survive. So, farmers are backbone of our country let’s give them proper respect and equal rights. 

Bsc agriculture books pdf

Agronomy (Agro) 

Agricultural Economics (Aeco)  

Agriculture Engineering 

Agricultural Microbiology  

Agricultural Extension (Aext) 

Environmental Science (Birm)  

Entomology (Ento) 

Genetics And Plant Breeding (Gpbr) 

Horticulture (Hort) 

Plant Pathology (Path) 

Plant Physiology (Pphy) 

Soil Science And Agricultural Chemistry (Ssac) 


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