Bsc zoology syllabus 2022

Bsc zoology syllabus: Bsc in zoology is a three year undergraduate programme offered by various universities and institutions in India. Zoology is a part of biology that basically deals in the study of all animals related to their body structure and types. Aspirants who have interest in the field of animal welfare, environment management, wildlife conservations and others, it is a good choice to pursue their graduation in zoology and know in detail about animals and their kingdom. 

In this article we are going to cover about the bsc 1st, 2nd and 3rd year course syllabus for all those students who have enrolled or going to enroll in this course.

Bsc zoology syllabus

This article is also useful for 1st and 2nd year aspirants because it covers all three year syllabus prescribed by the dbrau university. Generally syllabus may vary from university to university. The core topic or subjects remain the same so it is recommended to follow the syllabus prescribed by your college.

Below we have added the dbrau university bsc zoology syllabus and also added the ugc prescribed bsc zoology syllabus pdf link. Candidates can access the download link, save it for further use. bsc zoology syllabus

Bsc zoology syllabus information

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  • Subject– zoology
  • Language– English


Lower Non Chordata (Protozoa- Helminths)
Higher Non Chordata (Annelida- Echinodermata)
Cell Biology and Genetics


Animal distribution, Evolution and Developmental Biology
Physiology and Biochemistry 



Applied and Economic Zoology
Biotechnology, Immunology, Biological Tools & Techniques and Biostatistics
Ecology, Microbiology, Animal Behavior, Pollution and Toxicology

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Bsc 1st year zoology syllabus

Lower Non Chordata (Protozoa Helminths) 

Unit-I: Protozoa – Euglena, Monocystis
Unit-II: Porifera – Sycon
Unit-III: Coelenterata – Obelia
Ctenophora – Salient features
Unit-IV: Platyhelminthes – Fasciola (liver fluke) and Taenia (tapeworm)
Nemathelminthes – Ascaris

Higher Non Chordata (Annelida Echinodermata) 

Unit-I: Annelida – Nereis
Unit-II: Arthropoda – Palaemon (prawn)
Unit-III: Mollusca -Pila (apple-snail)
Unit-IV: Echinodermata -Asterias

Cell Biology and Genetics 

Unit-I: Cell Biology Biology I
Unit-II: Cell Biology II
Unit-III: Genetics-I
Unit-IV: Genetics II


Bsc 2nd year zoology syllabus


Unit- I
Unit -II: Urochordata
Unit-III: Classification of different classes of vertebrates (Pisces, Amphibia, Reptilia,)
Unit-IV: Classification of different classes of vertebrates (Aves and Mammalian)

Animal distribution, Evolution and Developmental Biology

Unit-I: Animal distribution
Origin of Life,
Unit-III: Developmental Biology I
Unit-IV: Developmental Biology II

Physiology and Biochemistry 

Unit-I: Physiology of digestion, respiration, and blood and circulation
Unit-II: Physiology of excretion and osmoregulation, neural transmission, muscles
Unit-III: Physiology of endocrine system, thermoregulation
Unit-IV: General chemistry and classification of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins; Enzymes


Bsc 3rd year zoology syllabus

Applied and Economic Zoology 

Unit-I: Parasitology
Unit-II: Vectors and pests
Unit-III: Animal breeding and culture
Unit-IV: WildLife of India

Biotechnology, Immunology, Biological Tools & Techniques and Biostatistics

Unit-I: Biotechnology
Unit-II: Immunology
Unit-III: Biological Tools and Techniques
Unit-IV: Biostatistics

Ecology, Microbiology, Animal Behavior, Pollution and Toxicology

Unit- I: Ecology
Unit-II : Microbiology
Unit-III : Animal Behavior
Unit-IV: Pollution and Toxicology


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bsc zoology syllabus
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