Circuit theory by a chakrabarti PDF

Circuit theory by a chakrabarti pdf free download: This book by Abhijit Chakrabarti is very useful for the students preparing for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), CSE (Computer Science Engineering) optional, ESE (The Engineering Services Examination), GATE, SSC JE and other exams. 

It’s designed to keep in mind the latest exam syllabus of circuit theory prescribed by different institutes and universities. The solved problems and illustrations are helpful to understand the concept of circuit theory.

Circuit theory by a chakrabarti pdf

The revised edition contains numerous solved problems at the end of each chapter along with practice questions. 

Problems added in the book are taken from various professional exams such as GATE,GRAD IETE, AMIE, PSU entrance exam and others. circuit theory by a chakrabarti pdf

It serves the needs of students of engineering degree courses along with the students preparing for professional and competitive examinations. 

Circuit theory by a chakrabarti pdf book information

  • Book Name – circuit theory book by a chakrabarti pdf
  • Format– PDF
  • Author– Abhijit Chakrabarti 
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 1018
  • Subject– circuit theory
  • Language– English 
  • Publication- Dhanpat Rai & Co.

Circuit theory book by a chakrabarti pdf topic covered

  • Fundamental concepts of circuit elements and energy sources
  • DC network analysis method (Kirchhoff’s laws node and mesh analysis)
  • Application of network Theorems in DC circuits (with and without controlled sources)
  • Sinusoidal steady state analysis of RLC circuits
  • Resonance and selectivity
  • Power relations in A.C circuits
  • Analysis of three phase circuits
  • Analysis of transient response in passive circuits (Differential equation approach) 
  • Laplace transformations and its applications in electric circuit analysis
  • Analysis of special signal waveforms
  • Analysis of coupled circuits
  • Application of Network theorems in AC circuits
  • Analysis of two port network
  • Properties of network functions
  • Fourier analysis
  • Introduction to Graph theory (Network topology)
  • Analysis of electric circuits using symmetrical component method
  • Passive filters
  • Active filter fundamentals 
  • State variable analysis
  • Synthesis of passive networks
  • Computer aided network simulations using Pspice
  • Review problems
  • Appendices 
  • References 
  • Index

circuit theory pdf
circuit theory book by a chakrabarti 
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