Class 12th economics deleted syllabus

Class 12th economics deleted syllabus: Economics is a very important subject that deals in production, distributions and consumption of goods and services. It is divided into two parts: microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Students who have completed their class 10th examinations and going to enroll in the next class and looking for the latest syllabus, books, notes for the preparations then there is no need to worry.

class 12th economics deleted syllabus

In this article we are going to cover the deleted syllabus of class 11th economics and class 12th. CBSE has significantly reduced the syllabus of various subjects and classes of cbse, aspirants can also check the deleted syllabus of other subjects of class 11th and 12th.  

Along with the class 11 and class 12th economics syllabus 2021-22, we have also included the link of other deleted syllabus. class 12th economics deleted syllabus

Class 12th economics deleted syllabus information

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Deleted syllabus of class 11th economics

Part A: Statistics for Economics 

Unit  Topics Deleted
Unit 3: Statistical Tools

and Interpretation 

Measures of Dispersion – (range, quartile deviation, mean deviation

and); (co-efficient of range, co-efficient of quartile-deviation, coefficient of mean deviation,

Correlation –Spearman’s rank correlation.

Index Numbers – index of industrial production 

Part B: Introductory Microeconomics 

Unit Topics Deleted 
Unit 4: Introduction concepts of production possibility frontier and
Unit 6: Producer Behaviour and Supply  Producer’s equilibrium-meaning and its conditions in terms of

marginal revenue-marginal cost. 

Unit 7: Forms of Market and Price Determination under Perfect Competition with simple applications Other Market Forms – monopoly, monopolistic competition – their

meaning and features 

class 12th economics syllabus

Part A: Introductory Macroeconomics

Unit  Topics Deleted
Unit 2: Money and Banking Control of Credit through Bank Rate, CRR, SLR, Repo Rate and

Reverse Repo Rate, Open Market Operations, Margin requirement. 

Unit 5: Balance of Payments  Balance of payments deficit-meaning. Determination of exchange rate in a free market. 

Part B: Indian Economic Development 

Unit  Topics Deleted 
Unit 7: Current challenges facing Indian Economy  Growth of Education Sector in India alternative farming – organic farming Infrastructure: Energy

deleted syllabus of class 12th economics

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