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Computer awareness pdf: In Modern India, Computers have secured a prominent position in our daily lives. Computers make our work easier, enhance efficiency, reduce time, and make us productive. 

There are three types of computer which we generally see in our surroundings, those are:-

  • Laptop 
  • Desktop
  • Supercomputers

There two types of computers we usually see in our offices, schools, reception, hotels etc 

Now we will discuss these two types of computers. computer awareness pdf

Computer awareness pdf


Laptop belongs to the family of computers, which are small in size, compact, portable and do not require a power supply. It can be operated on lap, bed, desk, table, or we can say it can easily be carried from one place to another place for convenience. 


These types of computers are large in size comparison to laptop computers. These computers constitute four main parts: CPU,keyboard, mouse and VDU are collectively called a desktop computer. These types of computers are not portable, occupy space, require permanent power supply, draw wattage from source, but these computers are inexpensive compared to laptops. 

Super Computer

Supercomputer is also a type of computer which we usually do not see in our surroundings. These types of computers are very powerful compared to general computers, require a large space and draw a larger power in comparison to general computers. These types of computers are used in research stations, space agencies, laboratories, data mining works, weather forecasting, data processing etc. 

Importance of Computer 

Computers play a vital role in the lives of students, office workers, receptionists, programmers, content developers, web designers, in schools, hotels, offices etc.

Computers have secured an important place in our lives because it makes our work easier, saves time, increases productivity and reduces errors. 

Precautions to follow with computers

Now we will discuss the don’ts while using the computer. 

  • One should use the computer in a positive way, do not misuse it  for no purpose. 
  • Always keep the computer in a clean and airy environment. 
  • Do not look at the display of the computer too close to your eyes, try to wear Blu-ray cut glasses. 
  • Maintain a safe distance of minimum 15cm from the display . It is recommended to keep your computer 25+cm away from your eyes. 
  • If you are using a desktop computer, always wear slippers to avoid electric shock. 
  • Laptop computers are very sensitive, so have a proper behavior and avoid miscarriage, otherwise you may get charge with high repairing charge. 
  • Always use a trusted antivirus software while surfing on the internet. 

Advantages of Computers

There are many valuable advantages of computers mentioned below

  • Are quick and save time
  • Fast processing 
  • High Accuracy 
  • Productive 
  • Enables work from home
  • For learning and managing 
  • High storage
  • Multitasking 
  • Automation 

Disadvantages of Computer

Computers are making our work easier and reliable but there are few disadvantages too which are mentioned below:-

  • Privacy risk
  • Unemployment because large portion of work is done by computers itself
  • Fall in eyesight 
  • Body posture problems
  • Migraine 
  • Dependency on computers only
  • Misuse 
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Data Theft


In this article we observed that computers are playing an important role in our lives but they have certain demerits and limitations too. One should use computers after having knowledge of its advantages and disadvantages, so that they may not get into any problem. 

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