Dust of Snow Summary  

Dust of snow summary: In this article we are going to explaining the poem dust of snow from the book first flight class 10, it is written by Robert frost.  

The poem is based on the idea that nature is the source of joy even a small contact with nature provides a healing touch to the depressed soul. It contains the idea that nothing in nature is ugly, inauspicious or unpleasant.  

Dust of snow summary

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree 

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued. dust of snow summary  

It’s a very short poem, it has only eight lines the way a crow shook down on me the dust of snow from the hemlock tree has given my heart a change of hope and saved some part of the day I had rude. The poet does the point describes a scene where the poet is feeling depressed, he’s very sad and gloomy.  

He’s having a terrible day and he’s passing by a hemlock tree when he passes by a hemlock tree a crow which is sitting on the tree, it moves and hence it some snow particles dust of snow falls on the poet, as it happens the poet’s mood is lifted up instantly like I said he was having a terrible day he was feeling bad, he was so sad and gloomy but this little incident.  

This small incident lifted up his mood instantly because when he saw around him, he saw the nature the beauty of nature and he forgot all about his worries, all about his problems.  

dust of snow pdf class 10

So, this shows that nature can heal anything whether you’re sick or you having a bad day nature can heal anything and everything and save some part of a day I had.  

They showed the stills that like I said the poet was having a terrible day and he had already wasted a part of his day by feeling regretful by feeling bad but when he came in contact with nature when he saw the beauty of nature closely, he forgot all about the bad things and he felt happy.  

It is to be noted that in this poem the poet has used three objects of nature found in nature- crow, snow and hemlock tree.  

So generally, all these objects are considered to be negative they are associated with negativity somehow for example a crow is generally considered to be a bringer of bad luck ill-fortune hemlock tree is a very poisonous tree so it is an indicator of death.  

Snow represents hardships so generally sometimes we become biased right we tag certain things to be negative but it’s not true the point wants to show that nothing in nature is ugly nothing is bad and unpleasant nothing is inauspicious everything is beautiful.  

So, we should enjoy each and every part of nature without being biased. 

The poet wants to convey a message through this poem that sometimes we only focus on large things we wait for the large moments right for big events to feel happy but it should not be like that in the process of doing, so in the process of waiting sometimes we miss small small things around us which may provide us happiness right.  

So even small things can make us happy the things which we think are insignificant they can bring a big change in our life.  

They can bring a significant and a positive change in our life, so instead of waiting for the big events to be happy, we should enjoy every little thing which comes out. 

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dust of snow pdf
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