5000 Daily Use English Sentences by Kanchan Keshari PDF

5000 daily use english sentences by kanchan keshari pdf

5000 daily use english sentences by kanchan keshari pdf: English is a globally used language which is accepted everywhere and, in some area, or field it is must to have proficient in English speaking, communication and writing. So, we can’t ignore the role of English in today era, and it is also vital to give due … Read more

WOW Vocab Book by Soni Mam PDF

wow vocab book by soni mam pdf

Wow vocab book by soni mam pdf: Hello aspirants, here we are going to provide you with the one of the most sought books on English vocabular which is written by renowned author and teacher Soni ma’am. It is WOW Vocabulary Book WOW book with Free Video Solution which is written by Soni madam.   … Read more

Vocab Prodigy Book PDF by Nimisha Bansal

vocab prodigy book pdf

Vocab prodigy book pdf by nimisha bansal: “Vocab Prodigy” book by Nimisha Bansal is a unique approach that purpose is to provide all the important words, phrases and practice questions under one umbrella to the aspirants. As there is a high rise in competition, the level of questions are also upgraded and the questions based … Read more

Flamingo Class 12 Book PDF

flamingo class 12 book pdf

Flamingo class 12 book pdf: Flamingo is the book for English literature that has been included in the CBSE curriculum of class 12. This book is authored by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). It is a collection of poems and stories written by famous authors and it teaches very important life lessons … Read more

SP bakshi english book PDF

sp bakshi english book pdf

Sp bakshi english book pdf download: This arihant objective general english book is specially designed to cater the need of the aspirants preparing for the various competitive examinations where general english section are asked. There are plenty of books available to prepare the general english section for different competitive examinations but it is crucial to … Read more

Balasaheb Shinde English Grammar PDF

balasaheb shinde english grammar pdf

Balasaheb shinde english grammar pdf: Balasaheb Shinde’s “Sampoorna Engreji Vyakaran” is a landmark work that has greatly influenced the study of English grammar in the Marathi-speaking region of India. Published in 1927, the book quickly gained popularity among students and educators alike due to its accessibility and ease of understanding. The book provides a comprehensive … Read more

Root Words PDF by Nimisha Bansal

root words pdf by nimisha bansal

Root words pdf by nimisha bansal: Here we are going to talk about the root word book word power pdf by Manisha Bansal. This neo word power book will help the aspirants to command over the English vocabulary section that is essential for various exam preparation.   This book is designed in such a manner … Read more

Verb forms PDF Download

verb forms pdf

Verb forms pdf download: To learn English grammar it is very important to understand the use of verbs and their forms. There are various aspects that are important to know before learning the grammar and verb forms are the one of them. For the proper use of verbs it is essential to have a proper … Read more

Word power made easy PDF

word power made easy pdf

Word power made easy pdf free download: English language is one of the most crucial sections of different competitive examinations and it also became a hurdle for most of the aspirants to crack the particular exam or in achieving their dream job. There are many aspirants whose english language is weak and seeking for the … Read more

Super fast English speaking Book PDF free download

super fast english speaking book pdf free download   

Super fast english speaking book pdf free download: In this article we are going to share with you the one of the amazing books that will help you to learn the English in a very simple and easy manner. Usually, Hindi medium feel demotivate when it comes to English and they face difficulty in speaking, understanding … Read more