GC Leong Geography PDF

GC leong geography pdf: Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong is designed for the aspirants preparing for the secondary school leaving examinations. It covers all the important aspects of physical geography, world climatic and vegetational regions and human geography to coordinate the relation between them. 

It comprises plenty of examples, diagrams, maps, graphs and photographs that assist students to get the thorough understanding of the topic and also beneficial to learn the geographical facts.

GC leong geography pdf

The book is classified into two main parts. First part covers Physical geography and the second part consists of Weather, Climate and Vegetation. 

Local examples have been used in the book to give a more simplified and thorough understanding of the principles involved. It also consists of questions and exercises at the end of each, that enable students to test their own understanding of the subject matter. The latest revised edition of the book is sufficient to cover the latest ICSE syllabus. gc leong geography pdf

Physical and human geography by gc leong pdf topic covered

Part 1: Physical Geography

  • The Earth and the universe
  • The Earth’s crust
  • Volcanism and earthquake
  • Weathering, mass movement and groundwater
  • Landforms made by running water
  • Landform of glaciations
  • Arid or Deserts landreform
  • Limestone and chalk landforms
  • Lakes
  • Coastal landforms
  • Islands and coral reefs
  • The oceans

Part 2: Weather, Climate and Vegetation

  • Weather
  • Climate
  • The Hot,wet equatorial climate
  • The Tropical monsoon and tropical marine climates 
  • The savanna or sudan climate
  • The hot desert and mid latitude deserts climates
  • The warm temperate and western margin (mediterranean) climates
  • The temperate continental (steppe) climate
  • The warm temperate eastern margin (china type) climate
  • The cool temperate western margin (British type) climate
  • The cool temperate continental (siberian) climate
  • The cool temperate eastern margin (laurentian) climate
  • The Artic and polar climate


geography gc leong pdf
gc leong geography book


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