Geography optional syllabus for UPSC

Geography optional syllabus for upsc: Candidates who are going to start their UPSC exam preparations or planning should ensure eligibility and detailed syllabus of the particular exam before starting preparations.

It is very important to know the exam pattern and detailed syllabus before preparation of any exams. 

Geography optional syllabus for upsc

Geography deals with the study of land, places, features of the earth or in simple words it can be defined as the study of physical, biological, and cultural features of the earth’s surface.

So, here we have covered the detailed geography optional syllabus for upsc exams. According to the official notification of UPSC we have covered the geography optional syllabus.Geography optional syllabus for upsc

Geography optional syllabus for Paper I

Physical Geography

  1. Geomorphology
  2. Climatology
  3. Oceanography
  4. Biogeography
  5. Environmental Geography

Human Geography

  1. Perspectives in Human Geography
  2. Economic Geography
  3. Population and Settlement Geography
  4. Regional Planning
  5. Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography

Geography optional syllabus for Paper II

  1. Physical Setting
  2. Resources
  3. Agriculture
  4. Industry
  5. Transport, Communication and Trade
  6. Cultural Setting
  7. Settlements
  8. Regional Development and Planning
  9. Political Aspects
  10. Contemporary Issues

NOTE: Candidates will be required to answer one compulsory map question pertinent to subjects covered by this paper.

Best books for Geography Optional

There are numerous books on geography but to choose the best is very crucial to give the proper direction to their preparations. Here, we recommended some of the best books for the UPSC aspirants.

  • Physical Geography by Savindra Singh 
  • India a Comprehensive Geography by D. R. Khullar
  • Geography of india – 9th Edition by Majid Husain
  • Human Geography by MAJID HUSAIN
  • Geography Through Maps by K. Siddhartha 
  • Physical Geography by Richard H Bryant

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