Goshta Paishapanyachi PDF by Prafulla Wankhede

Goshta paishapanyachi pdf by prafulla wankhede: Here we are going to share with you the recently released book by Prafulla wankhede that is Goshta paishapanyachi. This book will help you to understand the importance and value of money. It is very important to understand the value of money as early as possible because it can drastically change your entire life.

So here we are going to share with you some glimpses and important points from goshta paishapanyachi book. Whether it is your intellect or money, it is worth it only if it is used in the right place. Similar values play an important role in progress. Therefore, if money, values, and the actions that accompany it remain in the right direction, we can match the mathematics of being ahead.

Goshta paishapanyachi pdf by prafulla wankhede

It can achieve the goals set in life. In that sense, this book is going to be a great guide in converting these things that we have into the right action. New opportunities, financial literacy, the importance of hard work and smart work, the timely exploration of potential indicators, investments, savings strategies, and beyond all this, practical efficiency are important.

This book is a guide for that. Prafull Wankhede is the founder-chairman of several companies. They’re book lovers. He has made a valuable contribution in nurturing and growing a reading culture. He has numerous youth followers on Twitter. They are mainly known to guide them on achieving professional success by preserving values in a unique way.goshta paishapanyachi pdf by prafulla wankhede 

From the articles of this book, he has presented an account of his own experiences. It reveals what skills and qualities they themselves have imbibed from the people they have met; from the books they have read. Prafull Wankhede has shed light on various topics in simple, simple and flowing words. Many argue that emotional and intelligent quotient is important in progress.

However, he argues that all this is futile without a financial quotient, opening up a new direction of study and giving a new dimension to money and water.

About goshta paishapanyachi marathi edition pdf 

Book Name goshta paishapanyachi by prafulla wankhede pdf
Author Name Prafulla wankhede
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 184
Language English 

आपली बुद्धी असो की पैसा योग्य ठिकाणी वापरले तरच त्याला किंमत. तसाच मूल्ये यांचा प्रगतीमध्ये महत्त्वाचा वाटा आहे. त्यामुळे पैसा, मूल्ये आणि त्याबरोबर होणारी कृती योग्य दिशेने राहिली तर आपल्याला अग्रेसर राहण्याचे गणित जुळविता येते. त्यातून जीवनात ठरवलेली ध्येयं गाठता येतात.

त्यादृष्टीने आपल्याजवळ असलेल्या या गोष्टींचे योग्य कृतीमध्ये रुपांतर करण्यासाठी हे पुस्तक अतिशय मार्गदर्शक ठरणारे आहे. नव्या संधी, अर्थसाक्षरता, हार्डवर्क आणि स्मार्टवर्कचे महत्त्व, संभाव्य संकंटांचा वेळीच वेध, गुंतवणूक, बचतीचे धोरण आणि या सर्वांपलीकडे व्यवहारकुशलता महत्त्वाची ठरते. त्यासाठी हे पुस्तक दिशादर्शक आहे. प्रफुल्ल वानखेडे हे अनेक कंपन्यांचे संस्थांपक-अध्यक्ष आहेत. ते पुस्तकप्रेमी आहेत.

वाचनसंस्कृती जोपासणे आणि वाढविणे यामध्ये त्यांचे मोलाचे योगदान आहे. ट्विटरवर त्यांचे असंख्य युथ फालोअर्स आहेत.

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