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5000 idioms and phrases pdf: Idioms (मुहावरा) and phrases (वाक्यांश) are commonly used in English Grammar that is important to command over the English language. Phrases are generally a group of words to make a sense but not a complete sense is known as a phrase. Such as to be free, running water etc. Idioms are basically commonly used words whose meaning differs from their literal meaning but it can be understood easily because it is popularly used. Such as once in a blue moon.  

Here, we are going to provide you with a detailed list of idioms and phrases important for competitive examinations like SSC, Banking, Railway and other state and central level examinations. This list of idioms and phrases cover important idioms and phrases asked in various competitive examinations. 

5000 idioms and phrases pdf

This pdf will help the aspirant to cover the idioms and phrase section and prepare them for the exams. All those aspirants preparing for various competition exams where English sections are asked have to face 2-3 questions from this part and this list will help you to solve these questions easily. 

Idioms and phrases are commonly used in English whether it is formal or informal written or spoken. Most of our vocabulary is covered by idioms and phrases in a very impressive and attractive manner. idioms and phrases pdf       

So, it is important for us to cover this section to enhance our English writing and communications skills. 

For best results it is good to practice it and do some exercise so that you can command over the often used idioms and phrases. 

Idioms and phrases pdf details

Book Name important idioms and phrases for competitive exams pdf
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 18
Subject idioms and phrases
Language English and Hindi

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