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If i were you class 9 pdf: let us see the summary of the drama if I wear you by Douglas James. Gerrard is on the phone he hangs up and starts packing a bag a man quietly enters from behind and moves towards chariot. The intruder accidentally hits the table causing Gerrard to turn, Gerrard greets the intruder pleasantly the intruder however threatens Gerrard he also wants to know a few things about Gerrard. 

Gerrard replies that he is happy to answer the intruder’s questions, but he also asks if he can be more comfortable. The intruder tells Gerrard to sit on the chair, he wants to have a nice talk about Gerrard’s life. Gerrard is ecstatic he has finally found someone willing to listen to his life stories, he launches into a story of gypsies stealing him as a child the intruder interrupts Gerrard and tells him to just answer his questions, he then asks Gerrard for his full name and whether he owns a car or not. 

If i were you class 9 pdf

Gerrard wants to know what will happen to him if he doesn’t answer the intruder replies that he will hurt Gerrard if he does not answer. Gerrard replies that his full name is Vincent charles and he does not own a car the intruder tells Gerrard not to lie to him, he knows that Gerrard keeps a car he can also hurt Gerrard without killing him. 

He then wants to know if Gerrard receives frequent visitors Gerrard answers that other than a few delivery people he very rarely receives visitors. if i were you class 9 pdf

The intruder again catches Gerrard in the lie and then reveals that he has been watching Gerrard for quite some time in the past. Gerrard comments that the introduction knows quite a bit about him in return Gerrard asked intruder about himself. 

The intruder boasts that he is smarter than Gerrard he also boasts that he has a devious reason for breaking into Gerrard’s cottage. 

He tells the story of his last strawberry and how he is on the run from the police you know reveals that he plans to kill Gerrald and after killing him he can assume Gerrard’s identity. 

If i were u class 9 summary

Gerrard tells him that it is not a good idea to take over his identity, the intruder counters him by saying that Gerrard’s lives full of isolation will suit the intruder perfectly after all in the village he is somewhat of a mystery at this point. 

Gerrard reveals that his name is not Gerrard and he is as guilty as the intruder he was involved in a gun fight with the police and one of his men was caught with compromising materials. The police knew where he was and where on their way to the cottage in fact he was about to run when the intruder entered his cottage. 

Gerrard now asks the intruder to check his bag which contains clothes for disguise and his gun also Gerrard also tells the intruder that he has a lookout man on the main road, just then the telephone rings Gerrard tells the intruder to hurry up and points to the door next to him.  

The intruder says that he does not believe Gerrard’s story, Gerrard tells him to check it out for himself. 

The intruder opens the door as he leans in, Gerrard pusses him inside the door and knocks the revolver from his hand, the door leads to a cupboard Gerrard slams the door shut and locks in the intruder and he picks up the revolver holding the revolver. 

Gerrard answers the telephone he then calls and asks the caller to find out the sergeant and to send him to the cottage. So, through his presence of mind Gerrard manages to save himself from the intruder. 

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if i were you pdf
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