India Through Maps by Prem Patel PDF

India through maps by prem patel pdf: Are you also a UPSC or civil service aspirants or looking for a good book to know more about geography in a simple and easy manner.  

If yes, then here we are going to share with you one of the highly recommended books on Geography which is written by renowned author and teacher PREM PATEL. Yes, we are talking about the India through maps prem patel pdf which is designed to cover the UPSC pre and main geography optional syllabus.  

India through maps by prem patel pdf

This book is written in a very crisp and clear manner that is very useful to quickly revise all the points and topics before exams.  

Inside the book you will get the 38 chapters that cover all the important points which are essential for upcoming exams.  india through maps by prem patel pdf

All the topics are explained with the help of maps, and it makes the overall reading experience very easier and long lasting for candidate.  

Geography can easily be understood with the help of maps and if you learn it by using maps then it will make your learning easy and simple. As we all know there are plenty of facts and information are available to learn in Geography and it is not easy to remember everything but if you understand it with a map then it is very easy to remember things in a longer time.  

Here we will give you the free pdf download link of India through maps prem patel pdf free download. Aspirants can access the download link by visiting the given link below.  

Contents of india through maps pdf 

  • 1.Island 
  • 2. Other Coastal Features 
  • 3. Coasts 
  • 4. Beaches 
  • 5. Lakes 
  • 6. Mountains 
  • 7. Peaks 
  • 8. Plateaus 
  • 9. Plains 
  • 10. Rivers 
  • 11. Waterfalls 
  • 12. Passes 
  • 13. Soils 
  • 14. Institutions 
  • 15. National Highways 
  • 16. Ports 
  • 17. Multipurpose Projects 
  • 18. Biosphere Reserves 
  • 19. Tiger Reserves 
  • 20. Other BS, NP, WLS 
  • 21. Hill Stations 
  • 22. Religious Places 
  • 23. Hydro Electricity Plants 
  • 24. Thermal Power Plants 
  • 25. Nuclear Reactors 
  • 26. UMPPs 
  • 27. GeoThermal Energy 
  • 28. Wave Energy 
  • 29. Water Energy & OTEC 
  • 30. CoalFields 
  • 31. OilFields 
  • 32. Iron Ore Mines 
  • 33. Other Important Mines 
  • 34. Industrial Cities 
  • 35. Iron & Steel 
  • 36. Lead, Zinc & Railways 
  • 37. Automobiles 
  • 38. Other Important Cities 

About india through maps by prem patel pdf 

Author Name  PREM PATEL
Format PDF
Size MB
Pages 359
Language English 

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