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Indian pharmacopoeia pdf free download: Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) is an autonomous or independent body in India working under the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India, Delhi.

It was established in 1946. Its head office is in Ghaziabad, UP. This commission was set up to regulate, supervise and keep an eye on drug manufacturers in India. In India, all drug /medicine manufacturing bodies work under the instructions provided in the Indian Pharmacopoeia Book. 

Indian pharmacopoeia pdf

Indian Pharmacopeia is a book  released by IPC which has strict standards of drugs, quantity of drug chemicals and their quality. 

This book is only issued to registered and trusted universities, colleges and drug manufacturers. There is a requirement of a GOVT approval certificate of Trust to obtain an IP book. The IP book contains a Monograph in which terms like chemical name, chemical formula, solubility of drug, assays, identification of drug, pH of drug and doses are mentioned. This Monograph is released by the Government or pharmaceutical society trusted by the Government. indian pharmacopoeia pdf

This book is printed by a government trusted organization named NISCAIR(National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources). 

Use of IP Book

IP book acts as guidelines for manufacturers regarding the quantity, quality of drug/chemical to be used in medicines. The Government of India prescribes the drug which is best suited for Indians in IP books. There is lots of study and research required for prescribing the drug content in the IP book. 

All types of medicines like syrup, capsules, pill, vaccines etc we see all around are approved by the Government because manufacturers follow the set of rules given in the IP book. Thus there are less chances of adulteration. Although the warning, side effects etc are mentioned on the drugs. 


Before Independence of India there was British Pharmacopeia, in which Britishers used to control the standard, quality and instructions for the drug manufacturers. 

A committee of nine members was working under the chairmanship of Sir R.N Chopra who drafted the first “Indian Pharmacopoeial List”. Later in 1948 Government of India appointed Indian Origin Committee named “Indian Pharmacopoeial Committee” 

But, in 1946, Govt of India issued “The Indian Pharmacopoeial List”. Tenure of this committee is 5 years. 

First edition of the IP book was published in 1955 under the chairmanship of Dr. Bn Ghosh. 

Streams in Pharmacopoeial Study

  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry 
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis

Significance of IPC

There is a very significant role of IPC in the  pharmaceutical world. Some major importance of IPC are given below:-

  • Pharmaceutical companies has to work under the prescribed strict rules of IPC
  • IPC forces manufacturers to provide standard quality of drugs or medicines which are best suited for Indian standards.
  • Manufacturers have to mention the dosage, expiry date, chemical formula, chemical name, effects, efficacy, potency, direction of usage, warning, caution of that particular drug. 
  • Laboratories, industries and academic institutions take reference from IP books before working on any drug.
  • With the presence of IPC there is negligible adulteration of drugs. 
  • Any manufacturer caught avoiding the IP rules is straight away debarred from manufacturing drugs, their license gets canceled along with seizure of the company and the person is punished strictly. 

Editions of IP Book

Government keeps on looking at the health of the citizens thus changes in IP books are made when required. 

Editions of IP book give us clear idea behind the changes in IP book

Editions of IP book:-

As of now, the eighth edition of the IP book is running.

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