Industrial robotics by groover PDF

Industrial robotics by groover pdf free download: This book is based on the comprehensive survey of the technical topics related to industrial robotics. It focuses on educating the Engineers, technicians and managers to know the full potential of robotics technology.

The content and the material of the book is developed to satisfy the needs of the undergraduate engineers. It is suitable for courses in different departments like mechanical, industrial, manufacturing and electrical engineering. This book is also fitted for industrial training courses and relevant to understanding robot systems. 

Industrial robotics by groover pdf free download

Let’s first understand the term robot with the help of an example, consider a woman who require to wash clothes to do this she uses a tool washing machine, she set the dirty clothes into the machine and starts it.  

The washing machine uses water and soap to wash the clothes and automatically dries them when cleaned, such a device which accompany the order and does the work in such a way that it brings down human effort and saves time is known as robot.  industrial robotics by groover pdf free download

Robot is a programmable machine that imitates the actions or appearance of a human. 

There are three generations of robots 

  • First generation robots were designed to perform factory work, such robots carry out simple tasks that were unpleasant for people. It includes weld spray paint, move heavy objects, handle hot materials etc.  
  • Second generation robots perform more complex tasks and replicate many human functions- such robots move sense surroundings and respond to changes in their environment. For example, line falling robot follows a line and doesn’t move ahead when the line is finished. 
  • Third generation is the industrial robots they do many factory jobs Like welding painting assembly medical robots help with surgery transport materials, distribute medicine etc. 

In a nutshell, this is a book on technology, programming, and applications of industrial robots that caters to the students of robotics making and gives emphasis on transition of classroom and laboratory knowledge in the practical world.

Industrial robotics by groover pdf free download book information

  • Book Name –industrial robotics by groover pdf
  • Author- Mikell Groover
  • Format– PDF
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 480
  • Subject– industrial robotics
  • Language– English 
  • Publication- McGraw-Hill Education 

Industrial robotics by groover pdf topic covered

Part 1: Fundamentals of Robotics 

  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of robot technology, programming, and applications

Part 2: Robot Technology: The robot and its peripherals 

  • Control systems and components
  • Robot motion analysis and control
  • Robot end effectors
  • Sensors in robotics
  • Machine vision

Part 3: Robot Programming and Languages 

  • Robot programming
  • Robot languages
  • Artificial intelligence

Part 4: Applications Engineering for Manufacturing 

  • Robot cell design and control
  • Economic analysis for robotics

Part 5: Robot Applications in manufacturing

  • Material transfer and machine loading/unloading
  • Processing operations
  • Assembly and inspections

Part 6: Implementation Principles and Issues 

  • An Approach for Implementing approach
  • Safety, Training, Maintenance and Quality

Part 7: Social Issues and the future of Robotics

  • Social and Labor Issues
  • Robotics technology of the future
  • Future applications

industrial robotics book pdf
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