Information technology code 402 class 9 book PDF

In today’s era technology has become a very essential part of our day to day activity and we all are surrounded with it. We can’t imagine a single day without using any technology or we can also we can’t afford to stop using technology even for a day.Some of the most used things are mobile, tv, laptop or computer, internet, machine and much more. Technology has drastically improved the work efficiency, speed, accuracy that also help businesses to boost their production.   

There is significant upgrading that takes place every day to improve the existing technology and it’s going on very fast. The use of IT can be seen in every corner of the world whether it is School, College, Business, Hospital etc. 

Information technology code 402 class 9 book pdf

So, there is a huge scope and career opportunities can be found to shape their future. 

In present times it is important for everyone to be equipped with basic information on information technology to be a perfect fit as a student or employee. information technology code 402 class 9 book pdf

Seeing the need and future prospective board had decided to add information technology as a subject to equip students with some basic knowledge on information technology. This book is a good one to build the concert and basic understanding related to the subject. The language used in the book is so simple and easy to read and understand so that there is no problem while reading. 

Students can find the 402 information technology class 9 pdf link below. 

class 9 computer book pdf code 402 book information

  • Book Name –Information technology class 9 book pdf 2020-21
  • Format– PDF
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 138
  • Subject– Information technology
  • Language– English 

Class 9 it 402 book pdf topic covered

Chapter 1: Basics of Internet 

  • Introduction 
  • World Wide Web 
  • Web Servers 
  • Web Site 
  • Webpage 
  • 1 Toolbar 
  • Blogs 
  • URL 

Chapter 2: Web Services 

  • Introduction 
  • Electronic mail or EMail 
  • Chat 
  • Video Conferencing 
  • E-Learning 
  • E-Reservation 
  • E-Shopping 
  • Social Networking 
  • E groups 

Chapter 3: Introduction to GIMP 

  • Image Editing Tools-Introduction 
  • List of commonly used Image Editing Tools 
  • GIMP 
  • Starting GIMP
  • Understanding GIMP window 
  • Menus of Gimp window 
  • Editing the Images 
  • 1 Layers 

Chapter 4: Introduction to HTML 

  • Introduction 
  • Overview of HTML 
  • Structure of HTML document 
  • Saving the HTML document 
  • Container and Empty Tags 

Chapter 5: HTML II 

  • Introduction 
  • Image 

Chapter 6: Security Threats and Safety Measures 

  • Introduction 
  • Viruses 
  • Worms 
  • Trojan horses
  • Spyware 
  • Malware 
  • Spams 
  • Hackers and crackers 
  • Anti Virus Tools
  • Data Backup and security 

Chapter 7: Project 

Sample Case Studies

class 9 it 402 book pdf
402 information technology class 9

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