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Odisha gk pdf: Here we are going to share with you the Odisha gk book pdf, that will disclose very interesting facts and information related to the state of Odisha. Generally knowing basic information about any state is important if you love to travel and explore new places or if you are preparing for competitive examinations.

For all those aspirants who are the citizen of Odisha then it is important for them to know about its state Odisha because it is important for state level examinations if you are students are preparing for state level examination then below, we are going to provide you with the Odisha gk pdf link.

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So before going further here we are going to share with you some glimpses and interesting facts about the state of Odisha. Odisha is a state that is historically rich and culturally diverse, a place with immense tourism potential.

However, for many visitors the itinerary to Odisha is limited to exploring landmarks in cities like Bhubaneshwar and puri, but the fact of the matter is that when it comes to heritage Odisha has a stunning no. of hidden gems tucked away in different corners of the state.odisha gk pdf

Odisha is a hidden gem of India and when it’s time to travel then it is the wonderful place to visit, if you have ever visited the Odisha then you will agree with that.

It is known as land of cathartic spiritual experiences and immortal architecture worship of the sun god has been popular in India since time immemorial and perhaps the most famed sun temple in India is the one in Konark, Odisha.

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Many of us are very familiar with the Konark sun temple, which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site a must visit for every traveler.

Konark is also known as the black pagoda.

The Konark temple is so vast here you see a lion and an elephant trampling over a man, it is believed that the lion represents pride the elephant symbolizes wealth and together they destroy a human being.

So, pride and wealth can be ear undoing thought-provoking isn’t it, but the main temple is even more interesting built entirely in stone it is a monumental representation of the sun god Surya’s colossal chariot with its 12 pairs of wheels being drawn by seven galloping horses.

These seven horses are understood to represent the days of the week while the 12 pairs of wheels signify the 12 months of the year.

Some also assume that 24 wheels signify the hours of a day interestingly the wheels are designed in such a way that one can gauge the time of day by looking at the shadow cast on the spokes of the wheels.

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