Philosophy optional syllabus

Philosophy optional syllabus 2022: The UPSC optional subject contains 48 subjects list and one of them is Philosophy optional.

In comparison to other optional syllabus of the upsc exam philosophy syllabus is considered as the shortest syllabus and that’s why it is a highly preferred optional subject for upsc examinations.

Philosophy optional syllabus 

In this article we have covered the philosophy syllabus for upsc that is divided into two parts i.e paper I and paper II.

Philosophy optional syllabus PAPER-Iphilosophy optional syllabus

History and Problems of Philosophy

  1. Plato and Aristotle
  1. Rationalism (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz); Cartesian Method and Certain Knowledge; Substance; God; Mind-Body Dualism; Determinism and Freedom.
  2. Empiricism (Locke, Berkeley, Hume)
  3. Kant
  4. Hegel
  5. Moore, Russell and Early Wittgenstein 
  6. Logical Positivism
  7. Later Wittgenstein 
  8. Phenomenology (Husserl)
  9. Existentialism (Kierkegaard, Sarte, Heidegger)
  10. Quine and Strawson.
  11. Carvaka
  12. Jainism
  13. Schools of Buddhism 
  14. Nyaya—Vaisesika
  15. Samkhya; Prakrit; Purusa; Causation; Liberation.
  16. Yoga; Citta; Cittavrtti; Klesas; Samadhi; Kaivalya.
  17. Mimamsa
  18. Schools of Vedanta
  19. Aurobindo

Philosophy optional syllabus PAPER-II

Socio-Political Philosophy

  1. Social and Political ideals
  2. Sovereignty 
  3. Individual and State
  4. Forms of Government
  5. Political Ideologies
  6. Humanism; Secularism; Multiculturalism.
  7. Crime and Punishment
  8. Development and Social Progress.
  9. Gender Discrimination
  10. Caste Discrimination

Philosophy of Religion

  1. Notions of God
  2. Proofs for the Existence of God and their Critique (Indian and Western).
  3. Problem of Evil.
  4. Soul 
  5. Reason, Revelation and Faith.
  6. Religious Experience 
  7. Religion without God.
  8. Religion and Morality.
  9. Religious Pluralism and the Problem of Absolute Truth.
  10. Nature of Religious Language 

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