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Phrasal verbs pdf: Phrasal Verbs are combinations of two or more words in which one word is definitely a verb and other words may be an adverb or preposition. 

Phrasal Verbs separately do not give the right meaning of the word because combination of verb and preposition or Adverb changes their meaning totally. These verbs are in the form of a combination, hence they are called phrasal verbs though they look like phrases. 

Phrasal verbs pdf

Phrasal verbs are used in most of the places in English, specially in professional English and English Conversation Phrasal verbs are mostly used because phrasal verbs reduce the inclusion of extra words thus the sentence does not feel verbiage. Using Phrasal verbs is a good sign of English Speaking and Writing Skills. 

Importance in Competitive Exams

Competitive Exams like Airforce, Navy, CDS, SSC, Banking etc all include English subjects in their Entrance exams in which there is a nice percentage of phrasal verbs. phrasal verbs pdf

Phrasal verbs in these types of exams are directly asked to judge the knowledge of aspirants in English Grammar. 

Rules for Phrasal Verbs

Few important rules for Phrasal verbs are given below:-

  • Phrasal verbs can be adjusted according to the nature of sentence
  • Phrasal Verbs act as phrasal verb if they are in the form of VERB+Adverb/Preposition
  • There is fixed meaning of phrasal verbs thus one can not conclude its meaning by breaking the phrasal verb into parts
  • The preposition part of the Phrasal verb is sensitive because the meaning of the phrasal verb is totally dependent on that. 

Some Important Phrasal Verbs

There are more than 300 phrasal verbs given in English Grammar but some important and mostly used phrasal verbs are given in the table given below, which will help in day to day life. 

Phrasal verbs list

Account for To explain the reason for
Add up To join or unite so as to give increase in something
Answer for To be responsible for 
Ask for To demand
Attend on To serve 
Back out To fail to keep promise
Back up To support
Bank upon  To rely on
Bear down To overthrow or crush by force
Bear out To support the truth
Bear up To withstand stress or difficulty 
Break down Failure, seizure of machinery/loss of control 
Break into To enter forcefully
Break off Sudden stop
Break up To end or disperse
Bring about To cause to happen
Call around Contact multiple people
Calm down Relax after some hurry or incident 
Call off Cancel
Check out To Verify 
Cheer up To make someone glad
Come around Change an opinion
Come down on Attack or tarnish
Come up Receive attention
Count on Rely on
Dress up To get ready nicely
End up Reach to conclusion
Fall apart Break into pieces
Fill up To fill something completely
Find out To search 
Get about/around Spread, move around
Get back To return
Get on  To make progress
Get over To tackle
Get through To finish or assist
Give away To distribute
Go ahead To start something
Give up To stop working, to stop yield
Go on To continue to do something 
Go through To pass through a time or read lines
Hit on/upon Suddenly come in mind
Hold on To maintain or grip something 
Keep on To continue
Keep up To maintain the flow
Knock down To bring to the ground
Lay aside/by To make savings
Lay down To surrender 
Lay off To fire from work
Lay out To arrange in order
Let in Allow to enter
Light up To brighten or increase
Look after To take care of something
Look into To investigate something
Look to  To expect
Look up for To find something
Make up To prepare, redo
Make up one’s mind To prepare mentally for some work
Meet with To experience or undergo
Move on To proceed 
Move out To leave a house
Note down To write down in order to learn
Pass away To die
Pay for Suffer the mistake
Play on To take advantage 
Play at To do without interest 
Put down To criticize 
Put off To postpone
Put on Assume/wear
Put out To extinguish 
Run short of Face paucity
Run through  To pierce, to rehearse
See through To realise the truth
Send for Summon
Set about To initiate, to apply the effort
Set apart To fix or reserve
Set aside To discard
Set up To establish
Sit on To suppress 
Sort out To find a solution
Stand for Meaning or to support
Stand out To be distinct
Stand up To remain valid or durable
Step in To intervene 
Step out To quit or leave
Step up To elevate
Take down To write down
Take off To remove, leave the ground
Take over To take control of
Take up To start or pursue 
Turn out To prove to be, become
Turn up To arrive
Wait on To take care of
Wear off To become less effective
Wear out To get damage, to get exhausted
Write off To declare irrelevant 

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