Physical education class 12 Syllabus

Physical education class 12 syllabus: Physical education as a subject is added in the curriculum by board to increase awareness about various aspects related to health and education. In today’s stressful life people usually suffer with lots of stress, tension, anxiety and much more.

So to overcome and reduce the impact of these problems on health, physical education subjects are included so that students from the beginning know the importance of physical health and also aware about various information related to physical education.

Physical education class 12 syllabus

In school students learn about theoretical as well as practical related to physical education and perform various activities, exercise, games etc. As it includes practical and theoretical knowledge, it equips students with quality knowledge that is also helpful in their further life. Students who are in class 12 or going to enroll can refer to this syllabus of physical education class 12 cbse 2020-21 to cover the topics and chapters. 

Syllabus of physical education class 12 cbse 2020-21

Unit 1: Planning in Sportsphysical education class 12 syllabus

  • Meaning & Objectives Of Planning
  • Various Committees & its Responsibilities (pre; during & post)
  • Tournament – Knock-Out, League Or Round Robin & Combination
  • Procedure To Draw Fixtures –Knock-Out (Bye & Seeding) & League (Staircase & Cyclic)

Unit 2: Sports & Nutrition

  • Balanced Diet & Nutrition: Macro & Micro Nutrients
  • Nutritive & Non-Nutritive Components Of Diet
  • Eating For Weight Control – A Healthy Weight, The Pitfalls of Dieting, Food Intolerance & Food Myths

Unit 3: Yoga & Lifestyle

  • Asanas as preventive measures
  • Obesity: Procedure, Benefits & Contraindications for Vajrasana, Hastasana, Trikonasana, Ardh Matsyendrasana
  • Diabetes: Procedure, Benefits & contraindications for Bhujangasana, Paschimottasana, Pavan Muktasana, Ardh Matsyendrasana
  • Asthma: Procedure, Benefits & contraindications for Sukhasana, Chakrasana, Gomukhasana, Parvatasana, Bhujangasana, Paschimottasana, Matsyasana 
  • Hypertension: Tadasana, Vajrasana, Pavan Muktasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Bhujangasana, Sharasana

Unit 4: Physical Education & Sports for CWSN (Children with Special Needs – DIVYANG)

  • Concept of Disability & Disorder
  • Types of Disability, its causes & nature (cognitive disability, intellectual disability, physical disability)
  • Types of Disorder, its cause & nature (ADHD, SPD, ASD, ODD, OCD)
  • Disability Etiquettes  
  • Strategies to make Physical Activities accessible for children with special needs.

Unit 5: Children & Women in Sports  

  • Motor development & factors affecting it
  • Exercise Guidelines at different stages of growth & Development
  • Common Postural Deformities – Knock Knee; Flat Foot; Round Shoulders; Lordosis, Kyphosis, Bow Legs and Scoliosis and their corrective measures
  • Sports participation of women in India

Unit 6: Test & Measurement in Sports 

  • Motor Fitness Test – 50 M Standing Start, 600 M Run/Walk, Sit & Reach, Partial Curl Up, Push Ups (Boys), Modified Push Ups (Girls), Standing Broad Jump, Agility –4×10 M Shuttle Run
  • Measurement of Cardiovascular Fitness – Harvard Step Test/Rockport Test -Duration of the Exercise in Seconds x 100 5.5 x Pulse count of 1-1.5 Min after Exercise
  • Rikli & Jones – Senior Citizen Fitness Test

Unit 7: Physiology & Injuries in Sports 

  • Physiological factor determining component of Physical Fitness
  • Effect of exercise on Cardiorespiratory System
  • Effect of exercise on Muscular System
  • Sports injuries: Classification (Soft Tissue Injuries:(Abrasion, Contusion, Laceration, Incision, Sprain & Strain) Bone & Joint Injuries: (Dislocation, Fractures: Stress Fracture, Green Stick, Comminuted, Transverse Oblique & Impacted) Causes, Prevention & treatment
  • First Aid – Aims & Objectives

Unit 8: Biomechanics & Sports

  • Meaning and Importance of Biomechanics in Sports
  • Types of movements (Flexion, Extension, Abduction & Adduction)
  • Newton’s Law of Motion & its application in sports

Unit 9: Psychology & Sports 

  • Personality; its definition & types – Trait & Types (Sheldon & Jung Classification) & Big Five Theory
  • Motivation, its type & techniques
  • Meaning, Concept & Types of Aggressions in Sports

Unit 10: Training in Sports

  • Strength – Definition, types & methods of improving Strength – Isometric, Isotonic & Isokinetic
  • Endurance – Definition, types & methods to develop Endurance – Continuous Training, Interval Training & Fartlek Training
  • Speed – Definition, types & methods to develop Speed – Acceleration Run & Pace Run
  • Flexibility – Definition, types & methods to improve flexibility
  • Coordinative Ability

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