PMF IAS Environment Latest Edition PDF

Pmf ias environment latest edition pdf: There we are going to give you one of the ideal books for the environment section for UPSC or civil service examination or any other competition exams.

The environment is a very important topic to cover if you are preparing for a civil service exam and basic knowledge about the environment is important for every aspirant who is preparing for any government examinations.  

Pmf ias environment latest edition pdf

If you are also preparing for a competitive exam, then this book can help you to cover environmental subjects in detail.  

In this book you will get thorough coverage on various topics of environment which covers UPSC environment for both Pre and mains questions.  pmf ias environment latest edition pdf

It is an ideal book for you if you are also an UPSC aspirants or Indian Forest Service (IFS) Exam Aspirants. It is a complete book that gives holistic coverage on the Environment and Ecology. 

Inside the book you will get comprehensive coverage of topics which is essential to grab the concept and its fundamentals.  

Contents of pmf ias environment 2nd edition pdf 

  • Environment, Habitat and Ecosystem 
  • Ecology – Principles and Organizations 
  • Functions of an Ecosystem – Succession and Homeostasis 
  • Functions of an Ecosystem – Trophic Levels 
  • Functions of an Ecosystem – Biogeo Chemical Cycling 
  • Natural Ecosystems 
  • Wetland Ecosystem 
  • Biodiversity and Loss of Biodiversity 
  • Biodiversity Conservation 
  • Wildlife Conservation 
  • India State of Forest Report 2021 
  • Air Pollution: Causes and Air Pollutants 
  • Air Pollution: Effects and Control Measures 
  • Water Pollution: Causes, Effects & Control Measures 
  • Plastic Pollution, Solid, Hazardous and E-Waste 
  • Highly Polluting Industries (HPIs) 
  • Land Degradation 
  • Climate Change – Causes, Impacts & Mitigation 
  • International Environmental Conventions, NGOs and Laws 
  • National Environmental Legislation 
  • Green Revolution & Sustainable Agricultural Practises 
  • Sources of Energy, Renewables and Energy Conservation 
  • Water Conservation 
  • Major Species and Their Conservation Status Invasive Species 
  • Protected Area Network of India 

About environment by pmf ias pdf

Book Name PMF IAS Environment for UPSC 2023-24
Author Name PMF IAS
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 400
Language Hindi

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