Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning by R.V. Praveen PDF

Quantitative aptitude and reasoning by r.v. praveen pdf: Hello friends, here we are going to provide you with the most demanding quantitative aptitude and reasoning book which is written by renowned author Praveen R. V. This quantitative aptitude and reasoning book is a most useful book for all those candidates who are looking for aptitude book for different competitive examinations like Bank PO, CDS, MAT, civil services and other.  

In the latest revised edition of quantitative aptitude and reasoning by r.v. praveen pdf there is some new chapters are added to the book which are relevant for upcoming examinations.  

Quantitative aptitude and reasoning by r.v. praveen pdf

If you are also preparing for these exams and looking for the best book to cover quantitative aptitude and reasoning section, then you can pick this book to prepare this section.  

The entire book is split into various chapters and in each chapter, you will get plenty of solved examples and exercises. Exercise and examples will help the student to command over several types of question and learn the way of solving question with different methods.  quantitative aptitude and reasoning by r.v. praveen pdf 

It also covers previous year’s questions which play a very vital role in understanding the exam question and prepare yourself to tackle this question.  

As a complimentary you will also get plenty of shortcuts, tips and tricks to solve the question in a fraction of time. As we know time management is a very crucial part while attempting live exams and it can be attained by applying short tricks and methods while solving questions.  

It Is also recommended by Kerala, Director of Technical Education in engineering college. It is a must have book for all those graduate level exams where speed and accuracy matter.  

Contents of rv praveen aptitude pdf download 

Part 1- Quantitative aptitude 

  • H.C.F and L.C.M  
  • Permutations and combinations 
  • Probability 
  • Ratio and Proportion 
  • Percentage 
  • Average 
  • Problems based on ages 
  • Profits and loss 
  • Squares roots and square roots 
  • Cubes roots and cube roots 
  • Series 
  • Progression and sequence 
  • Fractions 
  • Elementary Algebra I 
  • Elementary Algebra II 
  • Partnership 
  • Simple Interest 
  • Compound Interest 
  • Time and work 
  • Work and wages 
  • Pipes and cistern 
  • Alligation 
  • Problems on Trains 
  • Boats and Stream 
  • Elementary mensurations I (Measurement of area) 
  • Elementary mensurations I (Measurement of volume and surface areas) 
  • Problems on clock 
  • Problems on calendar 
  • Time and Distances 
  • Heights and distances 
  • Trigonometry 
  • Odd man out and series 
  • Data sufficiency 
  • Data analysis 
  • Mathematical operations 
  • Divisibility 
  • Number system 
  • Arithmetical reasoning 
  • Simplification 
  • Races and games 
  • Stocks and shares 
  • Discount 
  • Logarithm 

Part 2- Reasoning 

  • Analogy 
  • Classification 
  • Series completion 
  • Coding and decoding 
  • Blood relations 
  • Puzzle test 
  • Direction sense test 
  • Logical venn diagram 
  • Number ranking and Time sequence test 
  • Decision making 
  • Assertion and reason 
  • Situation reaction test 
  • Mathematical reaction 
  • Inserting the missing one 
  • Logical sequences of words 
  • Logic 
  • Statements and Arguments 
  • Statements and assumptions 
  • Statements and course of action 
  • Statements and conclusion 
  • Deriving conclusions from passages 
  • Series 
  • Analogy 
  • Classification 
  • Analytical reasoning 
  • Problems on cube and dice 
  • Mirror images 
  • Water images 
  • Rule detection 
  • Model test paper 

About quantitative aptitude and reasoning by praveen pdf 

Title Reasoning Book With Piyush Varshney Solve Without Pen And Paper
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 712
Subject Reasoning
Language English/Hindi 

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