RD Sharma Class 8 Mathematics Book PDF

RD sharma class 8 mathematics book pdf: “RD Sharma Mathematics Class 8” is a comprehensive textbook designed for students of class 8. The author R D Sharma is an experienced mathematics teacher who has written several mathematics textbooks for various classes. The book is written as per CBSE curriculum.

The book covers a wide range of mathematical topics like algebra, geometry, statistics and probability. The structure of the book is very simple and clear which makes it easy for students to study and understand the concepts. Each concept is divided into chapters and further divided into sub topics with each subtopic having a clear explanation and containing many exemplar problems which makes students familiarize with how questions are asked in each topic.

RD sharma class 8 mathematics book pdf

The book also has a large number of practical problems and exercises which help students to practice and get perfect in that particular topic. 

The class 8 mathematics book focuses on problem solving so it has included a large number of real world problems and examples. The book also provides step by step solutions for all the exemplar problems which helps students to understand the procedure of problem solving and this builds a sense of confidence. rd sharma class 8 mathematics book pdf

The book also has answers for the practice problems given at the end of the book for students to cross verify their answers for the problems given. The book also includes a number of tips and tricks that are helpful for solving problems. These included shortcuts for solving algebraic equations and strategies for solving geometry related numericals.

These tips prove really helpful for all the students and specially benefit those who are struggling with a particular concept. One of the key features of the book is its emphasis on building a strong foundation in mathematics. The book starts with the basics of number theory and gradually moves to advance concepts such as algebra and geometry.

RD sharma class 8 maths textbook pdf download

The approach helps students to understand the base concepts very clearly and then move forward for the advanced topics. This book also contains quantitative aptitude concepts which are really helpful to develop their problem solving ability and increase their efficiency. 

The book also has lots of diagrams, tables and charts that give a visual representation of the concepts and make students understand concepts quickly and help them retain for a long time. It also has a glossary at the start which contains important definitions and symbols and their meaning which will be helpful for students to reference important concepts and definitions. 

Overall, “RD Sharma Mathematics Class 8” is an excellent textbook for students in the eighth grade to build a strong foundation in mathematics. This book is also used by many individuals who are preparing for government exams as it provides all the basic concepts required for the exam.

This book is also used as a reference by teachers to do a quick revision. This book is so well written that irrespective of the category of people using it, it always proves to be useful.

Contents of rd sharma class 8 pdf full book with solutions 2023

Chapter 1: Rational Number
Chapter 2: Powers
Chapter 3: Squares and Square Roots
Chapter 4: Cubes and Cube-Roots
Chapter 5: Playing with Numbers
Chapter 6: Algebraic Expressions and Identities
Chapter 7: Factorization
Chapter 8: Division of Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 9: Linear Equation In One Variable
Chapter 10: Direct and Inverse Variations
Chapter 11: Time and Work
Chapter 12: Percentage
Chapter 13 Profit, Loss, Discount and Value Added Tax (VAT)
Chapter 14: Compound Interest
Chapter 15: Understanding Shapes, I (Polygons)
Chapter 16: Understanding Shapes, II (Quadrilaterals)
Chapter 17: Understanding Shapes, III (Special Type of Quadrilaterals)
Chapter 18: Practical Geometry (Constructions)
Chapter 19: Visualising Shapes
Chapter 20: Mensuration-I (Area of a Trapezium and a Polygon)
Chapter 21: Mensuration- II (Volumes and Surface Areas of a Cuboid and a cube)
Chapter 22: Mensuration– III (Surface Area and Volume of a Right Circular Cylinder)
Chapter 23: Data Handling – I (Classification and Tabulation of Data)
Chapter 24: Data Handling – II (Graphical Representation of Data as Histogram)
Chapter 25: Data Handling – III (Pictorial Representation of Data as Pie Charts or Circle Graphs)
Chapter 26: Data Handling – IV (Probability)
Chapter 27: Introduction to Graphs

Rd sharma class 8 maths book pdf book information

Book Name Mathematics For Class 8 By R D Sharma
Author rd sharma
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 238
Subject mathematics
Language English 
Publication Dhanpat Rai Publication

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