S Das Clinical Surgery PDF

S das clinical surgery pdf download: A manual on clinical surgery s das pdf is a very useful book for those who are preparing for Surgical resident’s and medical students because it specifically designed to caters the need of the aspirants who are preparing for medical.  

s das clinical surgery pdf

This manual is designed to cater to provide the answer of the vexed question. As we all know medical is one of the very responsible professions and for patient doctor is like God. So, it is a matter on one’s life then it is crucial to prepare with the best study material and resource that provide the updated and latest information relevant for the specific field.   

S das clinical surgery pdf download

This s das surgery pdf entire book comprises of 40 chapter and each chapter begin with the history-taking, the interrogation followed between the patient and investigator and it is required to know about the various case.  

Along with the case there is also an aided procedure given in the book with the help of illustration that will also help you to understand the possible aid and treatment for this type of case.  

In medical study studying the previous case play a vital role, it prepares for the possible aid for particular type of cases and help other to get best aid that can be used for saving patient life. The ultimate purpose of designing such book is to reach on correct diagnosis and scope of special investigations in this regard cannot be underestimated. 

There are plenty of illustration are used in the book to help the student to understand the investigation.  

About a manual on clinical surgery s das pdf

Book Name a manual on clinical surgery s das pdf
Format PDF
Size 95 mb
Pages 660
Language English

Contents of s das clinical surgery pdf download free

  • 1. General Scheme Of Case-taking 
  • 2. A Few Special Symptoms And Signs  
  • 3. Examination Of A Lump Or A Swelling  
  • 4. Examination Of An Ulcer  
  • 5. Examination Of A Sinus Or A Fistula  
  • 6. Examination Of Peripheral Vascular Diseases And Gangrene  
  • 7. Examination Of Varicose Veins  
  • 8. Examination Of The Lymphatic System  
  • 9. Examination Of Peripheral Nerve Lesions  
  • 10. Diseases Of Muscles, Tendons And Fasciae  
  • 11. Examination Of Diseases Of Bone  
  • 12. Examination Of Bone And Joint Injuries  
  • 13. Examination Of Injuries About Individual Joints  
  • 14. Examination Of Pathological Joints  
  • 15. Examination Of Individual Joint Pathologies  
  • 16. Examination Of Head Injuries  
  • 17. Investigation Of Intracranial Space-occupying Lesions  
  • 18. Examination Of Spinal Injuries  
  • 19. Examination Of Spinal Abnormalities  
  • 20. Examination Of The Hand  
  • 21. Examination Of The Foot  
  • 22. Examination Of The Head And Face  
  • 23. Examination Of The Jaws And Temporomandibular Joint  
  • 24. Examination Of The Palate, Cheek, Tongue And  Floor Of The Mouth  
  • 25. Examination Of The Salivary Glands  
  • 26. Examination Of The Neck  
  • 27. Examination Of The Thyroid Gland  
  • 28. Examination Of Injuries Of The Chest  
  • 29. Examination Of Diseases Of The Chest  
  • 30. Examination Of The Breast  
  • 31. Examination Of A Case Of Dysphagia  
  • 32. Examination Of Abdominal Injuries  
  • 33. Examination Of An Acute Abdomen  
  • 34. Examination Of Chronic Abdominal Conditions  
  • 35. Examination Of An Abdominal Lump  
  • 36. Examination Of A Rectal Case  
  • 37. Examination Of A Urinary Case  
  • 38. Examination Of A Case Of Hernia  
  • 39. Examination Of A Swelling In The Inguinoscrotal Region  Or Groin (Except Inguinal And Femoral Hernias)  
  • 40. Examination Of Male External Genitalia 


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