Science deleted syllabus class 9

science deleted syllabus class 9 pdf: CBSE has released the latest and revised syllabus of class 9 science syllabus that will be very useful for the students to prepare according to the revised syllabus of the exam.

CBSE has reduced the syllabus of many subjects and class 9 science syllabus are also affected and significant changes are done to reduce the exam syllabus and exam stress of students.  

Science deleted syllabus class 9

Students can easily access the class 9 science deleted syllabus and also check the syllabus of other subjects. 

Science deleted syllabus class 9 information

Title class 9 science deleted syllabus 2021-22
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 04
Subject Science
Language English

Deleted syllabus of cbse class 9 science 2020-21 pdf

Under Unit I: Matter-Nature and Behaviorscience deleted syllabus class 9

  • Matter in Our Surroundings: Definition of matter; solid, liquid and gas; characteristics – shape, volume, density; change of state-melting (absorption of heat), freezing, evaporation (cooling by evaporation), condensation, sublimation.

Under Unit II:Organization in the Living World

  • Diversity in Living Organisms: Diversity of plants and animals-basic issues in scientific naming, basis of classification. Hierarchy of categories / groups, Major groups of plants (salient features) (Bacteria, Thallophyta, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms). Major groups of animals (salient features) (Non-chordates upto phylum and chordates upto classes).

Under Unit III: Motion, Force and Work

  • Floatation: Thrust and Pressure. Archimedes’ Principle; Buoyancy; Elementary idea of Relative Density. 
  • Sound: Nature of sound and its propagation in various media, speed of sound, range of hearing in humans; ultrasound; reflection of sound; echo and SONAR. Structure of the Human Ear (Auditory aspect only).

Under Unit V: Food Production

  • Improvement in Food Resources: Plant and animal breeding and selection for quality improvement and management; Use of fertilizers and manures; Protection from pests and diseases; Organic farming.

deleted syllabus of cbse class 9 science pdf
All In One Science Class 9 PDF

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