Shankar IAS environment PDF

Shankar ias environment pdf download: Environment subject is one of the very significant subjects from the exam point of view and also for general awareness, it is required for the candidates to have the knowledge of their surroundings.

Environment is all about conditions, objects, circumstances by which one is surrounded. For the aspirants who are preparing for the civil services examinations then it becomes mandatory to have detailed knowledge about the environment.

Shankar ias environment pdf

This book is specifically designed to help student to acquire right knowledge on Environment for various exams including Civil Services Examination. The latest edition of the shankar ias environment pdf 9th edition pdf free download is based on the latest paper pattern and syllabus prescribed by board.  

The whole book is written in a very simple way and the content is designed in such a manner that it will engage students and there will be no trouble while reading the book.  shankar ias environment pdf

The candidate who chose the environment subject then must prepare the environment section thoroughly to qualify the examinations and a good study material and books can help to achieve the desired result.

Shankar ias environment pdf 9th edition pdf

This shankar ias environment 9th edition pdf is dedicatedly designed for the aspirant to cover the environment syllabus, the latest edition of the book is updated according to the latest exam syllabus.

The book also consists of previous year solved papers that help the student to understand the exam pattern. The language of the book is designed in a simple and easy to understand way and the content presented is engaging that ensures students face no trouble during their preparation.

The candidates who are looking for the shankar ias environment 6th edition pdf download link can easily avail the book by clicking on the below link.

Shankar ias environment pdf book information

  • Book Name – shankar ias environment 7th edition pdf
  • Author– Shankar
  • Format– PDF
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 364
  • Subject– Environment
  • Language– English
  • Publications– Shankar IAS Academy

Environment shankar ias pdf topic covered

Part 1- Environmental Ecology

  • Ecology
  • Functions of an Ecosystem
  • Terrestrial ecosystem
  • Aquatic ecosystem
  • Environmental pollution
  • Renewable energy 
  • Environmental issues
  • Environmental impact assessment

Part 2- Biodiversity

  • Biodiversity
  • Indian biodiversity
  • Schedule Animals of WPA, 1972
  • Animal diversity of India
  • Plant diversity of India
  • Marine organism
  • Protected area network
  • Conservation efforts

Part 3- Climate Change

  • Climate change
  • Ocean acidification
  • Ocean depletion
  • Impact climate change- India
  • Mitigation strategies
  • India and climate change
  • Climate change organisations

Part 4- Agriculture

  • Agriculture
  • Acts and policies
  • Institutions and measures
  • Environmental organisations
  • International environmental conventions
  • Environment issues and health effects


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