UPSC Psychology Syllabus

upsc psychology syllabus 2023– In the upsc exams psychology is one of the optional subjects and also a one of the favorite subjects of most of us. Psychology mainly deals in scientific study of human minds and the test is conducted to know the understanding level of an individual.

In government job working it is required to be all rounder according to the situations and circumstances. There are many books and study materials that help the students in achieving the desired results.


UPSC psychology syllabus 2023

PAPER-I: Foundations of Psychologyupsc psychology syllabus

  1. Introduction
  2. Methods of Psychology
  3. Research methods
  4. Development of Human Behaviour
  5. Sensation, Attention and Perception
  6. Learning
  7. Memory
  8. Thinking and Problem Solving
  9. Motivation and Emotion
  10. Intelligence and Aptitude
  11. Personality
  12. Attitudes, Values and Interests
  13. Language and Communication
  14. Issues and Perspectives in Modern Contemporary Psychology

UPSC psychology syllabus 2023 PAPER-II

Psychology : Issues and applications

  1. Psychological Measurement of Individual Differences
  2. Psychological well being and Mental Disorders
  3. Therapeutic Approaches
  4. Work Psychology and Organisational Behaviour
  5. Application of Psychology to Educational Field
  6. Community Psychology
  7. Rehabilitation Psychology
  8. Application of Psychology to disadvantaged groups
  9. Psychological problem of social integration
  10. Application of Psychology in Information Technology and Mass Media
  11. Psychology and Economic development
  12. Application of Psychology to environment and related fields
  13. Application of psychology in other fields

(a) Military Psychology
(b) Sports Psychology

Psychological interventions in improving performance of athletes and sports. Persons participating in Individual and Team Games.

 (c) Media influences on pro and anti-social behaviour.
(d) Psychology of Terrorism.

  1. Psychology of Gender

Psychology optional syllabus for upsc pdf

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