War of Lanka PDF by Amish Tripathi

War of lanka pdf by amish tripathi: So here we are going to talk about Amish Tripathi recently released book of Ram Chandra series i.e War of Lanka by Amish Tripathi. Here we are going to discuss with you so many points about this book, but the first important part is this is not the end of the book series, there is the fifth book The Rise of Meluha.  

So, this is like fat book approx. 474 Pages book. Before going ahead, we will first remind the three book of this series- 1. Ram – Scion of Ikshvaku, 2. Sita: Warrior of Mithila, 3. Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta and the fourth one is War of Lanka.  

War of lanka pdf by amish tripathi

So, let’s go by pointer to pointer and let’s get into this detailed about this book. War of Lanka the first one the book obviously starts after previous three book mention above and everything is explained so great.  

The second point about this book is description about the Pushpak Vimana like the way it is described the way that is you know everything is like we have seen that in the movies and the shows to reading and imagine that is on the next level so that is something second point about this book.  war of lanka pdf by amish tripathi

Third point is all about the old references if you had read Shiva Triology, Meluha book then you can easily understand this book also. There is a specific topic where they talk about the surgical strike definitely the same context or the same thing used in this book when the Hanuman is introduced, so definitely you are going to enjoy reading that part of this book. 

The next part in this book is there is a poha for Sita that made with the Ravan. Hanuman is hiding behind the trees that is also explained so well in this book. 

The next description is about the war scene and this book deserves that much of description and if you are love reading or if you love imagining that description then you are definitely enjoying this and if you talk about the lessons, so lessons there are so many lessons in almost after half of the book.  

About war of lanka by amish tripathi pdf

Book Name war of lanka pdf by amish tripathi
Author Name Amish tripathi
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 500
Language English 

So, first half of the book is little bit of slow, but the second half of the book is got fast and fast and which is then you will start enjoying a lot of this and when we talk about the lessons like all books have lessons and this book also have a lot of lessons like 

He wants to fight with Dharma not with a Dharma so there is one topic then, so there is a chapter there is a message in the chapter 36. We are living in the lie so much of importance given for such messages or the lessons I will say so if you’re looking for the lessons from the Ramachandra series then definitely read the chapter 36. 

The message in the chapter 36 is definitely worth reading and the explanation of the fire scene so the way the fire scene is explained is that fire scene. 

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